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Posted onTuesday May 10th, 2016

Greetsiel and surrounds

The fishing village of Greetsiel welcomes you during your stay at the Romantik-Hof. The gorgeous centre of the village by the Leybucht is just three minutes away. Greetsiel can look back on over 650 years of history, and its twin mills, brick hall church and ship-in-a-bottle museum are some of the many great ways to spend even a rainy afternoon.

The annual Greetsieler Woche (Greetsiel Week) or Imke Filkers Prize for fine arts are particular highlights, displaying painting, goldsmith art and sculpture. But the summertime cutter parade also gives our guests the chance to experience something special and ride a cutter.

Enjoy long walks by the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the nearby Leyhörn nature reserve, which is part of the Krummhörn EU bird sanctuary.

The Wadden Sea National ParkWeltnaturerbe Wattenmeer

The barrier reef in Belize, the tropical rainforests of Sumatra, and the Everglades National Park in the USA are all natural wonders listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Wadden Sea and its islands joined them in June 2009.

The charm of this nature park may be somewhat more austere than that of the other World Heritage Sites, but it is unique and fascinating: seals, millions of migratory birds, water as far as the eye can see, tidal flats, tideways and salt flats alternate with vast beaches and dunes.

Once the water recedes, the North Sea shows us its second, fascinating side.

Discover one of Central Europe’s last original natural landscapes at the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site National Park – right under your feet! Visit the official website for more information:

Greetsiel and Krummhörn

Be captivated by the magical sight of a quaint town with historic gabled houses.

The romantic fishing village of Greetsiel is known and loved for its picturesque port with impressive fleet of shrimp boats, and of course its main landmarks, the Greetsiel twin mills.

Enjoy your holiday in one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the North Sea and unspoilt East Friesland: Relax, forget your everyday routine, focus on the most important things, and breathe in fresh sea air.

Our guests can make their Greetsiel holiday as active and varied as they like:
Bike riding, tidal flat hiking, tennis, golf (about 20 km away), horse riding, swimming at the sandy beach (about 12 km away) or walking along the endless dyke – there’s a wide range of options.

Greetsiel can also be used as the starting point for daytrips to the surrounding area, the Wadden Sea and the islands off the coast.